Hope and Challenge

Hope and Challenge (H&C) is an officially registered Non Governmental Organization in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded in 2014, H&C is comprised of 9 Board Members with two Founders and a Secretary. Founder, Geshe Pema Dorjee has provided guidance and is the earliest supporter of H&C’s work and continues to provide direction and financial support. Geshe Sonam Wangchen, founder and program coordinator has been key in mobilizing and implementing H&C programs. H&C’s secretary, Biju Sahi has also been instrumental in providing program support to Geshe Sonam Wangchen.

Prior to the establishment of H&C, Geshe Sonam Wangchen voluntarily provided meditation and spiritual classes to recovery addicts in approximately 15 rehab centers in Kathmandu; provided direct counseling and job placements, and supported the immediate needs of individuals in a number of communities in Kathmandu. In hoping to maintain and continue providing support for those most in need both founders decided it was time to formally establish an NGO that would enable to broaden their work and reach out to more beneficiaries. This led to the establishment of Hope & Challenge.

With the recent earthquake in Nepal, additional support from individuals and key donors in Kathmandu, India, Malaysia, and England has enabled H&C to increase their activities in addressing a number of issues from the effects of the EQ and provide immediate support to those most in need.

The primary aim of H&C is to support individuals most in need. These are in the form of monetary, schooling, recovery from addiction, free meals and job placements and trainings. H&C has over the course of 2014 achieved establishing a Rehabilitation Centre that provides a free and safe haven for addicts to recover. Secured approximately 25 job placements and provided unconditional cash grants for recovery addicts from 15 rehab centers in Kathmandu. Free meals are provided daily to approximately 150 people, comprised of the poor, seniors, disabled, addicts, and street children in Syambunath. 33 children have been able to attend schools from classes 8 – 10. These children come from families with low income, disabled parents, single parent household or are looked after by their grandparents. Also, H&C has produced a video that raises awareness of the negative effects of drugs and shown it to approximately 50 schools and the public to raise awareness among youth.